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Sporting everything from plaits to flower crowns and messy buns, this Japanese dog’s hairstyles put the average It Girl to shame.

Kuma, a Shih Tzu and Pekingese cross, has racked up more than 18,500 followers on her Instagram page which showcases her luscious locks.

Owner Yuki perfects Kuma's look

Owner Yuki perfects Kuma’s look

Owner Yuki says: ‘I do Kuma’s hair on my own, it’s an original style. I get inspiration for the hairstyles from the internet.

‘I originally saw a picture of a western model and I liked her hair so I just copied the style.’

Yuki’s Instagram account is completely dedicated to her furry friend – and the pup is an absolute natural in front of the camera.

Kuma has a unique style

Kuma has a unique style

As well as the hairstyles, Kuma – which means ‘bear’ in Japanese – has been expanding her range of looks to include cute dog hats and full costumes.

Yuki’s pet pooch can also be seen rocking several popular hairstyles such as a top bun, a double knot bun, inspired by Baby Spice, and Kuma even reenacts Kendall Jenner’s famous heart-shaped hair snap.

It's tough being a star!

It’s tough being a star!

Yuki spends hours a day on styling her glamorous pup and even sells Kuma greeting cards to her fans.