When animals attack 27 videos

While enjoying a safari with her family, Yasmin Tajik managed to capture a truly incredible moment from the natural world.

The 41-year-old from Las Vegas had her camera at the ready after her guide pointed out a female leopard perched on the branch of a nearby tree.

Hidden by the leaves, she was patiently waiting for a herd of impala antelope to graze closer to the base of the huge tree.

After biding her time for around 10 minutes, the leopard was satisfied with the impala’s progression towards the kill zone, and decided to make her move.


In a daring sneak attack, the leopard leapt from the branch like lightning and sank her teeth into the unfortunate antelope that broke her fall. The rest of the herd scattered in fear, leaving their friend to its grizzly fate.

Having successfully made her kill, the leopard attempted to drag the carcass back up the tree, but this proved to be quite difficult, so she settled down on the ground to dig in to her meal.

Once she’d devoured a portion of the impala she decided to head back to the tree, however the combined weight of predator and prey caused the branches to collapse beneath her!

After polishing off what remained of the antelope, the leopard took a well-deserved nap in the shade.

They say cats always land on their feet, but apparently leopards land on their lunch!


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