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Wildlife filmmaker Rod Vamplew couldn’t believe his eyes when he spotted two giraffes locked in a brutal fight at Idube Game Reserve in South Africa.

Although they might look like docile creatures, giraffes can be pretty brutal when they want to be! Fully-grown male giraffes like these two can weigh up to 3000lb, with their gigantic necks weighing 500lb alone!

This fight was a dominance battle between two males, and it is likely that it was the scent of a female giraffe nearby that started the sparing session.

The stakes are high in this kind of battle, as only the winner would go on with a chance of mating.


Instead of using their legs to fight, giraffes use their heads to strike at each other’s necks, bodies and legs.

Because of their aggression and almighty strength, it’s not uncommon for these giraffe dominance battles to end in serious injury or even death.

During his filming, Rob didn’t notice a female close by the warring duo, but says it’s not uncommon for another cheeky male to sneak in and mate with the female whilst the other giraffes are preoccupied by fighting.

As you can see in the footage, the fight ends without a clear winner. Maybe the giraffes just grew tired of the fight, or the female giraffe they were fighting over moved on.

When Rob returned to the same spot later that day the twosome were nowhere to be seen – here’s hoping they’d decided to make up!

Watch the video above to see them in action!