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Running around and chasing her ball – at first glance this little French bulldog looks just like any other dog.

But heartbreakingly, little Milly now has no eyes.

Milly was the runt of the litter, and born with a genetic defect as a result of overbreeding. The condition left her eyes and head extremely out of proportion with her tiny body.

Shocked by her appearance, the breeder kept Milly hidden away in a wooden box, as she looked so different from her siblings.

Thankfully, veterinary technician Christin adopted Milly after spotting an advert on Facebook.

Christin says, ‘I saw an advert about her in a dog group and saw that nobody had answered. The advert only said she had a lazy eye.’

‘It was a two hour drive in the winter, at 11pm at night. When I arrived I saw she looked weird. Her body was tiny with a huge head! And giant white eyes. I actually thought she had none till I cleaned out all the infection at home.’

Unable to leave her behind, Christin took Milly home with her, and planned to put her up for adoption once she had gained weight and recovered from her eye infection.


Christin explains, ‘with her strange looks, everyone was just laughing at her all the time, why did they want a ‘strange dog with huge vet bills’ when they could have a ‘perfect dog’. So I stopped school so I could work and pay for it all’

Weighing just 300 grams, little Milly was soon diagnosed with cataracts and glaucoma.

But sadly after being treated by an eye specialist for over a year, the pressure in Milly’s bulbous eyes became too much and one suddenly exploded.

It was this dramatic episode that forced Christin to make the tough decision to have both of Milly’s eyes removed.

But in fact, instead of ruining her life, the operation transformed Milly from a poorly pup into an extremely energetic and happy dog.

Now, at 2-years-old, Milly loves nothing more than playing with her three brothers Thai, Shon and Punch.

Christin says, ‘I think Punch the pug is the only one who really feels her. They have the most special bond I have ever seen.’

‘He loves her! Watches her every move, copies all of her actions, even kisses her eyes!’

‘Milly is a huge brave soul who teaches me every day to keep going.’

‘Nothing will stop me after I saw how nothing has stopped her from fighting to live and love life.’


Watch the video above to see Milly in action!