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Game Ranger Pieter Van Wyk was filming at the Mala Mala Game Reserve in South Africa when he came across this shocking scene.

Be warned – this one isn’t for the faint-hearted but the footage does give a glimpse into the gruesome reality for animals living in the wild.


Pieter and his safari group watched on helplessly as pack of 22 African wild dogs hunted down and cornered a defenseless female antelope. And as more dogs began to join in the attack, things weren’t looking good.


Suddenly a huge male hippo arrived and charged at the dogs, scaring them away. The poor antelope was seemingly saved by this very unlikely intervention by one of the planet’s most aggressive animals.


Despite being saved, the antelope remained stuck in the thick mud and was unable to escape as the dogs returned to carry on their attack.

After just a few tense moments, the hippo became seemingly tired of the antelope and killed it – tossing its lifeless body away from the mud and onto the bank for the dogs to feast on.


Heartbreaking but fascinating – watch the footage for yourself if you dare!