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Residents of a riverside community in French Guiana went on an anaconda hunt after a deadly beast killed and ate a pet dog.

Lifelong reptile lover Sebastien Bascoules, 39, led the charge, with the intention of catching the snake and releasing it to a location far away from any people.

Although he claimed he wasn’t at all scared, Sebastien did admit that he was expecting a smaller reptile than the monstrous anaconda he eventually found, which was well over 5ms long.

‘It is very difficult to capture these kind of snakes because they are very strong,’ explains Sebastien.

Luckily, he asked his friend to assist him in the mission, or else the beast could’ve easily bitten or constricted him. His companion tackled the tail and back end of the creature, while Sebastien used his knees and hand to pin down the front half in various places and clamped his remaining hand around the area just below the snake’s fearsome jaw.

Sebastien says that subduing a giant snake is easy if you know what you’re doing…

After a cloth was placed around its head, the anaconda was marvelled at by amazed locals. Sebastien’s children showed no fear in cuddling up to the scaly predator.

By this point it was too late to head out and release it, so the reptile spent the night in Sebastien’s bathroom.

The next morning Sebastien and a few others journeyed out to a river that was a safe distance away from any homes or villages and released the snake safely back into the wild.

‘It is easier for me to catch an anaconda than speak English!’ jokes Sebastien.