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Incredible footage shows the dramatic moment an angry elephant went on a ferocious rampage.

The giant animal was appearing at a festival called Ambalapura in Kerela, Southern India when it suddenly became violent.

With the distressed owner unable to regain control of the elephant, locals were forced to run for their lives. Luckily, everyone managed to escape before the elephant began upturning cars.

Spectators were unsure as to what had caused the elephants angry behaviour, but some believe that it could have been down to the loud noises, large crowds or soaring temperatures.

Amongst the carnage and pandemonium, festival-goer Ajith Kumar T managed to capture footage of this nail-biting event on his mobile phone.

He explains, ‘my friends and I were waiting near the parking lot when we heard a lot of screaming and shouting.’


‘We turned to see the owner of one of the elephants had lost control and the pachyderm was running loose in the lot.’

‘We saw him get to a car and start pushing it aside, turning it over and over until it was pushed out to the edge of the lot.’


‘Then he went towards a bike and pushed that away. He then proceeded to upturn another car a few times. It all seemed so easy for him to push and topple these heavy vehicles like that.’

Although it might seem extravagant to have an elephant at a festival, it is a common occurrence in India’s Southern states. Most temples keep elephants, which they use for processions during major celebrations and festivals.


Thankfully, no one was hurt during the rampage. Once the elephant had calmed down, its owner was able to regain control of the animal before it caused any serious harm.

Make sure you watch the video above to see this terrifying footage for yourself.