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Pampered pooch Luigi Maestro may just have the most impressive fleet of cars we have ever seen!

The 5-year-old Shih Tzu has a Bentley, a Porsche, a Ferrari and a Beamer in his $1,500 collection. But owner Anisha Lakhani from New York has no regrets when it comes to splashing the cash on her beloved dog.


‘I’m going to go bold and I’m gonna say that Luigi Maestro has the largest car collection in the United States – and possibly of any dog on planet earth.’

As well as his amazing car collection, Luigi Maestro also has an incredible wardrobe filled to the brim with the finest canine fashions – and he loves them!

‘His whole posture changes when he puts on a little outfit. He swaggers on the street. He enjoys it and I enjoy it too, it’s fun and cute! It brings out his personality.’

Thanks to his statement look and flashy cars, Luigi Maestro gets plenty of attention when he’s out and about in New York.


Anisha explains, ‘I thought I would definitely get some people rolling their eyes – maybe they do once we’ve whizzed past! I never anticipated the warmth and the friendliness of New Yorkers.’

‘I’ve been with elderly New Yorkers who’ve told me, ‘I’ve never seen anything like this in my life, thank you for making me smile.’ It’s funny! I would smile, wouldn’t you?’


But what would Anisha say to anyone who felt she was spoiling her pooch by lavishing him with outfits and toys?

‘Spoiling is really an interesting word to me because I used to be an English teacher so I do tend to think about the words a lot. Spoil means to ruin and I’m buying a living being a toy that makes him smile or putting on a little outfit that gives him attention, or I’m taking him to the park and he’s happy. So am I making him worse? No I don’t think so!’


Now Anisha has plans to complete Luigi’s collection by treating him to a Lamborghini!

She says, ‘Luigi is my heart. I look at him and I just feel so happy, I adore him. I love him like a child.’