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We bet you’ve never seen a cow quite like this before!

Meet Danniel – he’s a Holstein steer and his owners believe that he is now the tallest cow in the entire world.

Standing at a staggering 6ft 4in tall, this giant bovine weighs a whopping 2300lb. Because of his huge size, Danniel eats an enormous 100lb of hay and 15lb of grain every day, compared to the 20lb of hay and 5lb of grain that the average cow would munch through.


Danniel’s owner Ken Farley explains, ‘we first noticed he was abnormally big when he was about 6 months and being bottle-fed. And at the end of 6-months he knocked the bottle out of the hands and was just too big to handle.’

‘Holstein’s are known to be large framed animals and they’re known for their size but he is quite a bit taller than the average Holstein.’


Tom Parker, general manager at the farm where Danniel lives adds, ‘the average size of a Holstein cow would be about 4ft 5in tall versus the 6ft 4in that Danniel is.’

Thanks to his huge stature, Danniel was recently measured for the Guinness Book of Records. The previous tallest cow record holder was a whopping 6ft 2in tall, but died in 2015.


If all goes well – Ken could soon be the very proud owner of a bovine record breaker!

But for now, Ken and the farm are more than happy with the amount of attention that their towering cow is receiving!


Tom says, ‘people react in a variety of different ways – eyes the size of dinner plates, jaws hanging open – they just can’t believe what they’re seeing!’

We’re not surprised – he sure is one big bovine!