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The adorable Chihuahua TurboRoo didn’t get the easiest start in life.

Born without his front legs, the tiny pup was given up to the Downtown Veterinarian by his owners after they could no longer provide care for him.

Unable to walk, TurboRoo limped through his early life until he was later adopted by veterinarian technician Ashley Looper, who fell in love with him at first sight.


Having a lot of experience with special needs pets, Ashley felt no fear in taking on the task of caring for her cutest patient.

To help him move around easier, she built him a tiny walking frame out of the parts from a toy aeroplane, which did work, but Ashley knew that TurboRoo would soon need something more permanent.


She began to post videos of her pup online in order to raise money for some more effective help, and he quickly became a worldwide sensation.

San Diego 3D designer Mark Derwick was so enamoured with TurboRoo’s plight that he offered to build him a cart.

An overjoyed Ashley soon received Mark’s prosthetic, which he built using skateboard wheels and refused to take payment for.

Now TurboRoo has a new lease of life, and there’s no stopping him as he speeds along like lightning in his flash new set of wheels!


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