When animals attack 27 videos

Check out the drama when a hungry crocodile clashes with two angry lions over a late night snack.

Filmed by honeymooner Davide Chiossi, 30, in Kruger National Park, dramatic footage shows the huge reptile battle with a pair of big cats over a dead buffalo carcass.

And despite being outnumbered, the crocodile more than held his own against the ferocious male lions.

However, it appears as though the croc was left with one of the lion’s nails sticking out of his head.

Italian videographer Davide was on his honeymoon in September 2014 when he witnessed the extraordinary incident.

‘We stopped for the sunset break and on the other side of a small lake we spotted the two lions and the crocodile,’ says Davide.

Honeymooner Davide was in for a shock

Honeymooner Davide was in for a shock

‘Later in the evening when we went closer, the first lion woke up and after drinking some water, started eating the buffalo.

‘Little by little the crocodile went closer, trying to defend the carcass from the lions,’ continues Davide.

‘When one of the lions came too close to the croc, the two of them had a scuffle – and it looked like the lion got one of his claws wedged into the croc’s head.’

As if taking on one lion wasn't bad enough for the crocodile...

As if taking on one lion wasn’t bad enough for the crocodile…

…He had two to contend with!

…He had two to contend with!

‘After that the crocodile just stayed there, and the lions continued to eat as if nothing had happened.

‘The guide told us that this was a once in a lifetime event – we were very lucky.’

Luckier than the buffalo, that’s for sure.