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This rabbit is well on his way to becoming the biggest bunny in the world – and he’s only 10 months old!

Gigantic Dexter already weighs three times more than an average newborn baby and has at least another two years of growing before he reaches his full potential.

Dexter’s doting owner, Brad Paynter explains, ‘when we first got Dexter he was 9 or 10 weeks. He was tiny in comparison to what he is now. In comparison to a normal rabbit his age, Dexter must be 3 times the size. Compared to a normal Continental Giant, I’d say he’s at least 50% bigger.’

Coming from a family of Giant Continental rabbits, it’s no surprise that this enormous rabbit is a real contender for the title of world’s biggest bunny.

Brad says, ‘he’s the son of Darius who’s the longest rabbit in the world. He’s only 10-months old at the moment and he is roughly 3ft long and weighs about 8kg. I do expect him to get longer and bigger.’

Unsurprisingly, the more this rabbit grows, the more food he gets through, and Brad admits that he spends around £100 a month on Dexter’s food alone.

He says, ‘the biggest problem with Dexter is that he is quite demanding – he wants fresh food and bedding every day,’

‘He eats five carrots a day, two apples, about half a pack of spring greens, cabbage, celery, cucumber, broccoli, a ton of hay – oh and a block of wood if he can get his hands on it.’


Dexter first joined the family when Brad’s wife, Sarah, said that she wanted a rabbit to accompany their two beloved French bulldogs.

But now, it’s Dexter who rules the roost. The pampered bunny spends his days in his very own dog kennel in the garden, before moving indoors to his personalised bedroom in the evenings.

Brad says, ‘Dexter’s always got on well with our dogs. He’s always been quite interested in them, likes to play with him. And my dogs have been really welcoming to him as well.’

‘His paws are quite a bit bigger than your normal rabbit – more like my dog but a bit sharper – so if he’s not happy he will tell you! You might get the odd nip.’

Despite his sassy attitude – Dexter always attracts plenty of attention.

‘Every time we have visitors round they can’t believe how big Dexter is. Or whenever we take him out in the street a lot of heads get turned.’

‘I thought having a puppy would turn a few heads but having a giant rabbit does so even more!’


Watch the video above to see  just how big Dexter is for yourself!