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Cheetahs are known for speed, accuracy and grace – but this agile predator humiliated itself after falling into a vehicle full of tourists.

The curious cat was playing with seven other cheetahs in the Maasai Mara, Kenya, much to the delight of some watching safari-goers.

Amir Ahmed, a 69-year-old airline pilot from Dubai, was touring the famous reserve with friends and parked nearby to watch the big cats play.

When one took a shine to their Land Rover and jumped onto the bonnet, Amir began to film the encounter.

But as the cheetah made its way towards him, the elegant cat lost its footing and fell in.

After the initial shock – and realising they weren’t in any danger – Amir and his friends were able to laugh.

‘It was very unexpected,’ he says. ‘I was actually trapped at the end of the Land Rover, with nowhere to go but to duck down.

‘He was virtually a foot away from me. It was quite an amazing picture – he was so close to me.

‘There wasn’t much time to think about the danger. Having grown up in Kenya and known animals and lived around them, I’ve seen plenty of wild animals.

‘As long as you respect the animals and don’t threaten them they’re quite harmless. The only time when they would become vicious and attack is if you threaten them.

‘It was quite a scary moment because if there was a time he was going to attack or panic that would be it.’

Cheetahs in the Maasai Mara are familiar with tourists and their vehicles. They often climb onto the roof for a better vantage point or to relax in the sun.

While Amir captured the footage in 2011, it has only recently become popular on social media.