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Smiling dog Brinks has been grinning from ear to ear ever since he was rescued!

Poor Brinks was abandoned on the streets of New York when he was just a puppy. But luckily, kind-hearted local resident John Bozak found Brinks when the grinning pup was running around a school playground near to his apartment.


John explains jokingly, ‘He was running loose on my street, right across from my apartment at a school yard. Just milling about, sniffing some teachers butts.’

And it was love at first sight for John and Brinks! After being put into John’s car Brinks sat merrily looking out of the window with a big grin on his face.


‘I think I first discovered Brinks’ smile the very first day I found him. I’d thrown him in the car and he got in the front seat and just made himself at home.’

‘I really didn’t wanna get a second dog but as soon as I saw him just smiling at the world passing by my car it was pretty much a non-decision.’

John tried hard to find Brinks’ original owners but after he didn’t receive any responses he decided to adopt him himself – and he’s never once regretted his decision.


‘He keeps me in a good mood.

12 years later, the cheeky duo have had plenty of fun together and John even tells jokes to his happy hound – make sure you watch the video above to see them in action!