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When a car on a Florida Highway hit a wild bobcat, things didn’t look good for the poor little fella.

Police at the scene feared that the bobcat wouldn’t make it, and started preparing to have him put down.

Luckily, charity Big Cat Rescue got involved, and whisked him to the Winsong Memorial Hospital where they nicknamed him Thor.

When he arrived at the hospital, Thor was found to have a fractured jaw, broken shoulder blade and broken canine tooth. Although most worryingly, his left eye socket was crushed and putting pressure on his brain.

The surgery was tricky, but thankfully Thor’s proved himself to be a real fighter and pulled through. Although frustratingly for this lively bobcat, he had to be kept in a small cage after surgery to stop him from moving around too much and injuring himself whilst he recovered.


Sadly, vets were unable to save the vision in Thor’s left eye. But they didn’t have to remove it, meaning that he could be released back into the wild after a few weeks of rehabilitation.

3 months after arriving at the Big Cat Rescue sanctuary Thor was ready to be released back into the wild. But this time he was off to a forest, instead of the concrete jungle location he would found in!

But strong willed Thor didn’t make the release easy! He spent ages running and jumping around his enclosure, making it near impossible for the volunteers to catch him in order to transport him to his new wild home.

Finally, they caught him!

And after making such a fuss about being caught, cheeky Thor then refused to get out of his box once he arrived in the forest! It took a while, but after a little persuasion Thor slunk off to start his new life in the wild.

Here’s hoping he keeps away from highways from now on – especially as he now only has 8 of his 9 lives left in tact!