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Meet Venom – he’s one of the most famous American micro bully’s and valued at a whopping £500,000!

At just 12.5inches tall and weighing 65lb, there’s no mistaking his bodybuilder physique, and it is his unusual shape that has won him attention across the globe – including a dedicated fanbase in Brazil!

As a family dog, Venom lives in Florida with owner Matt Siebenthal, his fiancé Deanne and stepson Christian, along with fellow dogs King Tyson and Lucky Lucciano.

Matt first fell in love with bullies in college whilst visiting a friend’s house.

He says, ‘the first time I saw an American bully I was blown away by the size. I just assumed it was a pitbull and I’d never seen a pitbull that big before.’

‘I was at a friend’s house and it was staring at me. I was a little bit worried at first but then it licked me across the cheek and I knew that I had to get one!’

Since getting Venom, Matt couldn’t be happier with his pet pooch’s impressive stature.

He says, ‘what makes him so special is his build. He is extremely short and it’s really difficult to get this type of muscle mass on a dog this height.’

‘I need a dog that can move so the fact that he has this much muscle on such a short frame and can still run and be active and be a functional dog is what makes him very unique.’

‘We were offered $150,000 for Venom and that was before he was a year old. I thought it was pretty crazy but he’s a family member and how do you explain that to a 7-year-old boy?’

Matt’s stepson Christian, who counts venom as his best friend, is the first to defend critics who say bullies are aggressive…


He says, ‘people should know that American bullies are only mean to bad people and not good people.’

Matt adds, ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover. And don’t believe everything the media puts out.’

‘I’ve had pitbulls, I’ve had American bullies and I’ve never had an aggressive dog.’

As a perfect example of American micro bully breeding, Matt has been breeding venom to pass on his priceless genes to healthy pups – and for a healthy profit too!

Matt charges breeders $3,000 to breed with Venom and so far, each of the puppies has been sold months in advance of their birth for between $4,000-$6,000 – with one pup selling for an incredible $25,000.

Matt says, ‘his puppies have been crazy. He’s got over 40 on the ground in different homes and they are little monsters.’

‘They’re coming out and they look like him. He’s definitely producing his look.’

‘Our focus is quality and we only have a couple of litters a year because of that.’

Even though he could make thousands from selling his dogs, bully-lover Matt is adamant that he could never part with Venom and his two other precious pups.

He says, ‘how much would I say all three dogs are worth? Priceless. They’re part of the family.’

‘I enjoy the time I have with them, I enjoy what they do for our family and I don’t think you can put a price tag on that.’

Watch the video above to take a look at Venom in action!