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Looking into Kiana Jones’ eyes is not for the faint-hearted. Not every young woman may want to be described as gruesome, gory and gut-churning. But Kiana is the exception.

Kiana has a stomach for the bizarre

Kiana has a stomach for the bizarre

Horror fan Kiana’s macabre makeovers have taken the make-up tutorial world by storm, racking up an incredible 60 million views.

The videos on her YouTube channel Freakmo are even more incredible when you know that the techniques were all self-taught. Kiana’s makeovers range from severed fingers to infected flesh wounds.

Feeling horny? Kiana's videos aren't for the squeamish

Feeling horny? Kiana’s videos aren’t for the squeamish

‘In terms of make-up, I am self-taught, and I love gore and simulated injury the most… I’m obsessed with details, and always aim for highly realistic make-up, getting everything anatomically correct, while making it fun and safe,’ says Kiana, from Perth, Australia.

Some of her creepy creations, made using materials such as clay and latex, take several days to complete, and one of the most challenging to date is the Taylor Swift-inspired one which sees half of her face ripped apart.

Taylor Swift inspired Kiana's creation

Taylor Swift inspired Kiana’s creation

Kiana, who is studying for a visual art PhD, says Shake It Off singer Taylor is the perfect subject: ‘I like the aesthetics of her music video, I’m also of similar age, height, build and have a similar haircut to her.’