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Back in 2011, the nation’s taste radar was well and truly twitching when a London-based ice cream parlour started serving up breast milk ice cream.

One Yorkshire mum Victoria Hiley, then 35, loved breastfeeding so much that she chose to be one of the donors having their milk turned into breast milk ice cream!

Victoria, from Leeds, donated 30 fl oz of breast milk to The Icecreamists after seeing an advert on the internet for breast milk ice cream.

Named Baby Gaga, the ice cream was served with a shot of Calpol, to help with brain freeze, and a swab of Bonjela for those with sensitive teeth!

Those that tasted it reckoned it was every bit as good as normal ice cream, even if the thought of it sucked a little.

Fast-forward to 2015, though, and breastfeeding campaigner Victoria has once again teamed up with ice cream guru Matt O’Connor – this time to celebrate the birth of royal baby Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. The product, named Royal Baby Gaga, has a recommended price of £19.99 for a 500ml tub, with profits being donated to a breastfeeding charity.

All donated breast milk is screened to hospital standards before being blended with Madagascan vanilla.


So – breast milk ice cream, any takers?