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Giuliano and Claudiu Stroe may barely have a decade of age between them, but they already know what they want to be when they grow up, and they’re getting started early!

The Romanian boys are set on becoming famous bodybuilders, and are already putting in the hard work by undergoing gruelling daily training regimes that last for two hours.

Their weightlifting prowess is so incredible in fact, that the brothers are now lifting 4kg dumbbells every day. Even an adult might struggle to keep that up for two whole hours.

Their father Iulian Stroe, 33, has brought them to Florence, Italy to find fame and fortune on the back of their Herculean abilities.

Iulian says that Giuliano ‘progressed very quickly’ and explained that between the ages of 2 and 6 he had broken two records.

First the human flag record, where he holds on to a pole like a flag for as long as he can, and secondly the 90 degree push-up record, where he does reps on a horizontal pole whilst being completely vertical above it.

Younger brother Claudiu soon followed suit, starting to imitate Giuliano at the tender age of 18 months!

Giuliano, 6, and Claudiu, 4, roar for the cameras as they show off their pint-sized pecs, before demonstrating more of their impressive training routine.

While some may think it cruel to put young children under such rigorous physical strain, their mother Lleana defends their training practises.

‘They have a natural ability for this, nothing is forced,’ she explains. ‘It is what God intended for them.’


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