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The pair live in Brazil, and were both born with forms of dwarfism, meaning Katyucia stands at 89.5cm, and Paulo at 88.5cm.

Despite their small stature, they’re just like any other couple, and have big dreams for their future.

Paulo, currently a legal secretary, uses a specially adapted car to get around. But he dreams of becoming mayor of his town one day…

‘I ran in the last election where I won second deputy and I intend to run again in the next elections. Respect wasn’t conquered from one day to another. Respect was conquered through a lot of hard work.’


Despite getting her qualifications, Katyucia found it difficult to get a job as a beautician, and admits she was nervous about whether her hopes would be dashed.

‘It was a dream but I had no idea if I would be able to give that service after the course because everything is big.’

‘But anyway we kept going and we adapted my gurney, we adapted everything that needed to be adapted and then I really started working in beauty.’

The determined couple first met on social media many years ago – but didn’t have an instant connection!

‘The first time I started talking to Paulo he was really annoying.’

‘I blocked him. He was blocked on my MSN for a year and a half and then one day something happened in my head and I unblocked him.’

When they finally decided to meet up, Paulo thought Katyucia was beautiful, but she didn’t feel quite the same way about him and was unimpressed with his bold dress sense!

‘The first time we met was the worst day of my life, because I was, and still am very shy. He was wearing an orange shirt, jeans and sunglasses. Oh my God! But thank God he evolved!’



Now, the couple are more loved-up than ever, and hope to one day break the Guinness World record for the world’s shortest married couple.

They’re even considering starting a family, but are well aware of the health risks.

‘We decided to let things happen at the right moment,’ Katyucia said. ‘Who knows? In the future we can’t really say never. My pregnancy would be one of high risk because the size of the uterus doesn’t support a child.’

Ultimately, the pair just want to lead a happy life and not let their heights define them.

‘Basically we are a normal couple but our height is smaller.’