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38-year-old Charity Pierce is believed to be the heaviest woman in the world.

At 756lb – a whopping 54st – she’s house-bound, has severe mobility problems and fears that she may not live to tie the knot with her fiancee Tony Sauer.

‘I’m scared of losing her if she doesn’t get this help,’ says 22-year- old Tony.

Charity has weighed over 500lb since her early teens, but an accident in 2000 left her with serious mobility issues and she soon developed lymphedema, which caused a huge swelling in her left leg.

If Charity has any hope of walking down the aisle with Tony, then she needs gastric bypass surgery, which can only be safely performed once she’s down to 500lb.

She’s now exercising daily, and has restricted herself to a diet of 1,200 calories a day, much less than her previous average of 10,000 per day.

Charity’s condition has also caused rifts between her and her 18-year-old daughter Charly, who’s cared for her mother most of her life.

‘I used to be really close to my mum,’ explains Charly. ‘Now I’m just not at all, like it’s constant fighting and arguing.’

Osteopath Dr Ben Miller weighed Charity after her first four weeks of crash dieting, but she was devastated to learn that she’d only lost 22lb, tearfully claiming that she’d rather die than live this way.

However, with help from Dr Ben and her loved ones, Charity is confident that she can reach her target.

‘I’m not giving up, it’s going to take me longer but I’m not giving up,’ promises Charity. ‘Whatever it takes to get there, right?’


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