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Like most 10-year-old girls, Supatra Sasuphan loves music, dancing and playing with her friends.

Unlike most 10-year-old girls however, Supatra’s body is almost completely covered in hair as she is living with a condition known as Ambras Syndrome.

‘Doctors said it was caused by an extra cell,’ explains her father Sammrueing. ‘They’re not sure whether it’s the mother or the father that passed the defect on to the child.’

Supatra is one of only 50 known cases of the extremely rare affliction since the Middle Ages, when sufferers tended to be branded as ‘werewolves’.

Doctors tried to halt the excessive hair growth with laser treatment, but even that proved to be no use against Supatra’s mysterious condition.

Initially teased by the other children at her Bangkok, Thailand school, Supatra has now been embraced as a very outgoing and beloved member of the community.

To her joy, Supatra has now found fame as the world’s hairiest girl, and is very excited to have been contacted by Guinness.

‘I am really happy to be in the Guinness Book of Records,’ grins Supatra. ‘Some people try really hard to get in but I just answered questions and I got a medal!’