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Most men would love to be a Hugh Hefner, and 60-year-old mechanic Bob Gibbins has achieved such a comparison, but with a twist.

Bob lives in Madley, Herefordshire with his wife Elizabeth and 240 silicon dolls, and has been dubbed by his fellow collectors as the ‘Hugh Hefner of the love doll world’!

‘We keep them everywhere on the premises really,’ says a cheerful Bob. ‘You have a job to actually look around and not come across a doll!’

He’s certainly not wrong. A glance at his house shows dolls stationed both inside and outside, in bedrooms, the front room and even the kitchen.

Even though many of the dolls are a little scantily clad, dressed provocatively and put in saucy poses, Bob insists that he never uses the dolls for sex, but does admit that he finds them attractive. He also challenges any man to look around his house and not find at least one or two attractive.

Elizabeth has no problem with her husband’s obsession, and is glad to share her house with 200 other women. She even occasionally accompanies Bob on clothes shopping trips for the dolls.

The video shows Bob setting out in his car to a local shop with one of his dolls, where he proceeds to look for new outfits. Returning to the car with a bag, he says, ‘I’ve got you something really nice’ to his plastic passenger.

So far Bob has spent a whopping £80,000 on his love doll collection, and admits to spending thousands more on their clothes.


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