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Life coach Julie Bond Genovese is using the challenges she has faced throughout her life to help empower others.

The counsellor from Dover, New Jersey was born with dwarfism, and suffered years of bulling and intense physical pain as a result.

It was only through writing a self-help book and becoming a life coach that brave Julie finally made peace with her body and condition.

She explains, ‘being born with dwarfism, I grew up thinking I was a genetic mistake – a freak of nature. The type of dwarfism I have is called spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenital (SEDc) and it has affected all my joints, I’ve had arthritis ever since I can remember. By the time I was 10 I couldn’t tie my shoes or put socks on.’

‘My childhood was challenging. I remember one boy in particular who just liked to target me. This one time, I was walking home from school late, and he got down on his knees and started saying ‘look, I’m a dwarf too!’ I remember there was spit bubbling out the sides of his mouth. He was eye-to-eye and laughing in my face.’

‘In my twenties, when I started to read self help books and personal growth philosophy, that’s when I started to realise, ‘I’m in my own way! I can have as a good a life as I believe in.’


‘I worked hard to change my belief system from victimhood to empowerment and it transformed my life.’

Thanks to her positive change in attitude, Julie met her now husband Bill – and he loves her just the way she is.

She explains, ‘I met my husband when I was 31.’

‘He said, ‘I heard your voice before I saw you, and what I heard was the joy.’’

‘He didn’t see difference, we just felt a connection.’

Julie and her son

Bill adds, ‘what I like most about her is she doesn’t just lie back and say ‘I’m done’ or ‘I can’t do it.’

With her incredibly positive outlook, there’s nothing Julie can’t do!

She says, ‘I completely defined myself by my dwarfism. By looking at the things that were wrong instead of the things that were right.’

‘Everything is going to be OK in the end, and if it’s not OK it’s not the end.’

We wish her all the best for a very happy future.