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‘A perfect build’ is how Gayla Neufeld describes her figure – 8ft belly and all. And it’s certainly perfect as far as her husband Lance and her legion of online fans are concerned.

Being large was something that ran in Gayla’s family, and from a young age she had to contend with bullying because of her weight. Despite this, she has now turned her curves to her advantage, launching a modelling career as an SSBBW (super-size big beautiful woman).

Gayla’s online fans from around the world include doctors, lawyers, even bodybuilders – and it’s their love for her voluptuous figure which has given her back the self-esteem robbed by her bullies.

Her biggest fan, however, is hubby Lance – a truck driver she met online in 1999. When they first met in the flesh, ‘she knocked me over with all her beauty,’ enthuses Lance. The feeling was mutual.

Gayla’s 96in waist may be the stuff of dreams for Lance, but there are still some nightmare moments for Gayla – including difficulties finding clothes that fit, being able to get behind the steering wheel of a car and, she laughs, ‘My knees haven’t met in years. They’re complete strangers!’ Joking aside, her health does suffer because of her bountiful belly, with arthritis and falls among her problems.

One problem-free place, however, is the bedroom, where the couple’s sex life is as ‘good as ever’, with the exception that Gayla can no longer go on top of Lance.

Gayla has no regrets though, and feels empowered by her body-positive image and by loving her body – 8ft belly included.