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Marilyn Mansfield has been fascinated with dolls since she was a little girl. When she was 8 years old she was given a 2lb doll known as Real Baby, which Marilyn explained was the most realistic of its kind back then.

Over the past 30 years Marilyn has filled her New York home with around 500 life-like dolls of all varieties that she either collected, created or restored.

A quick glance in every room shows the presence of the Bride of Chucky, all manner of demonic offspring, over 300 newborns as well as a life-size sex doll named Ellie, who was recently rescued by Marilyn.

When asked if he felt the dolls have taken over the house, husband Zoth Ommog replies, ‘This is the Doll House, what would the Doll House be without dolls?’

He adds: ‘Many people’s homes have paintings or sculptures, we have dolls.’

‘Sometimes if I have a stressful day and I hold a baby for a few minutes it really makes me feel relaxed,’ says Marilyn while explaining her natural instinct to mother her dolls, to treat them as family.

This has rubbed off on her daughter Skylar and son Damien. Whenever she creates a doll, like new addition Davina Starr, Marilyn proclaims, ‘This is your new baby sister!’