Becki Barrett is a 32-year-old mum from Reading with an unexpected skill.

Despite standing at a petite 5ft, weight-lifting mum Becki can dead-lift 21st, pull cars weighing a tonne and can even lift a 6st sofa with one arm with her 6-year-old, 3st daughter Kayla still sitting on it!

‘The reason I got into strong woman was because my partner does strong man,’ explains Becki, ‘and it was a case of “If you can’t beat them, join them!”‘

Two years ago Becki was dared by her boyfriend Adam Hales to come weight training with him. She ended up loving it and soon the couple converted two garages into their own personal gym.

‘She’s progressed really quickly,’ says an impressed Adam. ‘There’s potential for something great.’

Becki’s been competing for a year now, and has recently won herself a place in the finals of the England’s Strongest Woman event, at which she hopes to take home the title for the under 63 kilos category.

‘One hundred per cent, I never thought I’d be as successful as I have been,’ beams Becki.

She now juggles her job as a nursery staff member with her vigorous six-day training regime as well as being the best mum possible to Kayla, who Becki says is her number one priority.

‘Kayla thinks I’m crazy for doing what I’m doing, but she loves it and she finds it quite funny when I’m pulling cars.’