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Dermatologist Sandra Lee has burst into the limelight – by popping explosive spots and blackheads on camera!

Better known as Dr Pimple Popper, she has amassed almost half a million fans on both YouTube and Instagram in the last year alone.

She even claims that ‘pimple porn’ is playing a positive role by bringing dermatology to the masses and encouraging people to look after their skin.

Dr Pimple Popper, aka Sandra Lee

Dr Pimple Popper, aka Sandra Lee

‘I think that people have a strong reaction to pimple popping – whether they are grossed out by it or they are enchanted by it,’ says Dr Lee.

‘I feel like I have really brought this sort of thing out of the closet in a way. Previously people were hiding in their rooms, at their computer sweating and worried that someone was going to come in and catch them looking at pimple porn.

‘But now they feel like they have this community and it’s OK to kind of like this and be into this.’

Dr Lee is based at Skin Physicians and Surgeons, in Uplands, California, and has been a certified dermatologist for 10 years.

But it was only a year ago that her popularity erupted when she began posting minor operations on social media.

‘It’s become something that I would have never imagined,’ she says. ‘All these people were subscribing. My numbers suddenly went up from 1,000 to 20,000 to 30,000 and up and up.

‘There are two main categories for my fans,’ explains Dr Lee. ‘There are soft pops and there are hard pops.

Soft pops tend to be milder things like blackheads and smaller cysts. There’s really no blood, it’s really very smooth and minor.

‘The hard pops are bigger pops that involve cysts and abscesses being popped out of the skin.

‘These usually need to involve an incision or surgery and there might be a little bit of blood or there might be some stitching involved.’

Dr Lee adds: ‘What’s been very interesting to me are the reasons people say why they like watching this.

‘For some I’ve heard it can release their own sense of wanting to pick themselves.

‘If they have actually got a pathologic condition that causes them to pick their skin, they will actually stop picking as much – as they’ll watch my videos instead.’

With her popularity coming to a head, Dr Lee is now able to offer free pimple and blackhead removal to some of her patients – as long as she’s able to film and post the procedure online.

She sees about 30 patients a day, but blackhead and pimple extraction makes up a small amount of treatments that she offers, including removal of skin cancers.

‘I want to use the notoriety I’ve gained from pimple popping and really use it to showcase dermatology,’ explains Dr Lee.

‘I want the audience to really learn about what’s on their skin and how to treat acne, melasma, eczema and beyond.’