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Make-up artist Vinny Ohh is completely out of this world.

The 23-year-old from Los Angeles, California is making it his mission to transform himself into a real life, genderless alien by having surgery to remove his genitals.

He explains, ‘My goal in regards to my look is to become an exact scientific proportioned, sexless human being.’

‘I see my look progressing to a more other worldly look.’

Growing up in a small town in Oregon, Vinny struggled to fit in and left home for the bright lights of LA when he was just 17-years-old.

It was this move that gave Vinny Ohh a new motivation and helped him to find his own identity.

He says, ‘I moved to LA at a really young age. Moving here everything was always about sex appeal and when I think of an alien I think of ugly. Aliens don’t really have genders – in my eyes at least – and I just connected with it.’

But turning yourself into a genderless alien certainly doesn’t come cheap!

‘To get my alien look I spent around about $60,000. I’ve had around 110 procedures – 3 surgeries, 110 procedures.’

Despite having already gone under the knife on multiple occasions, Vinny wants to push his plastic surgery journey even further with a procedure that no man or woman has ever had before.

Vinny explains, ‘I’m looking to have gender unassignment. I’m looking to change my genitals so that way there is nothing there – it will just be a hole to pee out of.’

‘I want my genitals removed because life would be easier. I’m also celibate.’

‘Me being celibate is my way to be at peace with myself and my body on this process.’


Although he has already visited a number of surgeons, Vinny Ohh is struggling to find a doctor who will take his request seriously.

He recently visited the renowned plastic surgeon Dr Simoni at his Beverley Hills practice, to hear his thoughts on the pioneering procedure.

Vinny says, ‘when I tell doctors my goals they typically will like giggle, not think I’m serious, rush me out of their office, find another excuse, tell me I need to go see a therapist…’

‘I’ve been wanting to have this done because for many reasons. First of all, I already don’t use my genitals – I’m already transitioning but I never wanted to be a woman. I think that’s kind of an easy way out.’

‘I feel that it would be easier just to have nothing.’

Understandably, due to the experimental nature of the procedure, Dr Simoni admits that he has many concerns when it comes to the surgery.

He says, ‘if you’re creating a new type of sexual organ which is actually an asexual organ, we don’t know how your body will react to that.’

‘The surgical procedure that Vinny wants to have done is very unique, it’s not been done before. Many doctors will have to take into consideration the psychological aspects of it as well as the medical aspects of it.’

‘My main problem with his procedure was – ‘what is he going to think of it in 10 years?’ Because all of the bridges are gone, there’s no way to come back to female or male.’

‘He’s young and he has to live with it until he is 80 or 90 years old.’

Despite Dr Simoni’s reservations, Vinny Ohh is adamant that he needs the surgery in order to become his true self, and won’t ever stop on his quest to become a genderless alien.

Vinny says, ‘People think I am crazy for the way I look but I think I am doing something good by pushing boundaries and changing the way people think’

‘I am so happy and proud for the way I am living my life.’


Watch the video above to see what Vinny’s family think of his shocking surgery plans!