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Born a woman in a man’s body, Rajee Narinesingh had been taking hormones for years before deciding to go all the way in 2005.

Rajee, 46, said that she didn’t ‘want to look like a man in a dress’. So to truly live as a woman, she felt she needed reconstructive surgery.

She turned to Oneal Ron Morris, another transgender woman known around Miami for providing cheap plastic surgery. Now infamous as ‘The Duchess’, Morris is in prison for her black market surgeries.

Ten years ago Rajee paid $3,000 for injections into her face, hips, breasts and buttocks. Returning to the apartment where it happened, she urged anyone considering cheap, illegal surgery to learn from her experience.

‘Don’t do it. You could die from it or you could end up like me, disfigured,’ warns the woman dubbed cement face.

Rajee was distraught over what she called the ‘nightmare’. She was soon so ashamed that she couldn’t bear to leave her house, hiding herself away from the cruelty of the outside world.


A friend eventually referred her to Dr John Martin, who is slowly helping Rajee regain her life.

‘It was by far the worst case of a bad injection that I’ve ever seen,’ Dr Martin admits.

Despite having no idea what Rajee was injected with, Dr Martin is confident that the combination of softening injections, ultrasound and laser therapy will help repair the damage.

However, he is a little more concerned about the inflammation in the rest of her body. So Rajee visits Dr Martin’s office monthly for treatment.

While she’ll never truly recover, Rajee is determined to enjoy her life. The self-confessed ‘cougar’ is now dating again, with one man even saying she was like a ‘sexy dragon’.

‘I didn’t know whether to kiss him or slap him!’ laughs Rajee.