Although 96-year-old Tao Porchon Lynch has hip replacements and recently suffered a broken wrist, she shows no signs of taking it easy!

Born at the end of the First World War in 1918, Tao has spent the last 56 years as a yoga instructor. At her ripe age, she still runs her yoga studio in Westchester, New York and leads the classes.

As energetic and vibrant as any teenager, Tao believes that sitting and doing nothing never did anyone any good. She says that even as a child there was always something to do.

Tao pushes her pupils decades younger than her to their limits. One young student named Anita Devanangana sees Tao as an inspiration.

‘I really wish when I reach her age I will be as young as she is now,’ says Anita.

Older students also find their teacher inspiring. Brenda Boules, a retired nurse, has seen 96-year-olds trapped in their beds with their feeding tubes, unable to walk or talk. ‘She is the epitome of strength and energy,’ reckons Brenda.

Being acknowledged by Guinness as the oldest yoga teacher in the world wasn’t enough for Tao, who also took up ballroom dancing at 85 years old! Her instructor Vard Margaryan says that she’s a ‘diamond on the floor’, and that he can’t keep up with her anymore!

Tao believes that positivity is the key to her seemingly eternal youth. Her advice to other people is to wake up every morning to the best day of your life, as tomorrow never comes.

‘Nothing’s impossible,’ muses Tao in her studio. ‘Whatever you want to do in life, just tune in and know that within you is the answer to everything.’

Feeling inspired? You will be by the video below:


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