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Mum-of-five Terelynn Russel is a real-life Rapunzel.

The 43-year-old from Morris, Illinois has been growing her hair for her whole life, and her mane is now a staggering 74in long!

She met her future husband Chip when they were teenagers, her hair playing a key role in the attraction.

‘She had amazing hair,’ admits Chip. ‘It was very eye-catching and appealing to me.’

Now their daughters Callan, 11, Cendalyn, 9, and Chesney, 6, are following Terelynn’s example. The Rapunzel-Russel family now have over 13 frets worth of hair between them!

The girls go through at least a quarter of a bottle of conditioner in each wash, but their mum no longer shampoos her locks in the shower.

‘I tried that once several years ago,’ says Terelynn, ‘and my hair got so heavy with water I landed on the shower floor!’

The Russels have won countless awards at festivals for their impressive locks, as they display their many ribbons for the camera.

Terelynn and her daughters have also never visited a hair salon, and their very first trip was well documented for them, even though they were going for treatments rather than trims.

‘I’ve never seen this much hair in one room,’ says salon owner Shantel. ‘Their hair is so healthy all the way to the floor, it’s amazing. It’s a phenomenon!’

Little Chesney has even started to consider the idea of shortening her mane down by 10in, but hasn’t quite worked up the courage. But Terelynn doesn’t mind, she has no desire to force her daughters to keep growing their hair.

‘It’s not going to be my decision,’ says Terelynn proudly. ‘It’s going to be theirs.’


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