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Since her childhood, Faye Campbell from Stowmarket, Suffolk has always been a fussy eater, being physically unable to cope with certain foods.

‘Mum and Dad would put something in front of me and the plate would go halfway across the room,’ says the 21-year old Faye, who lives on chips, pizza and cheeseburgers.

Faye insists that she’s never once consumed any fruit or vegetables, and can’t even be in the same room when her mum is cooking with them claiming that the smell makes her feel physically ill.

At age 5 Faye developed a taste for potatoes and spent the next 10 years eating nothing but crisps, chips and waffles, despite the best efforts of her family.

‘I tried to bribe her, but she’d never do it,’ says sister Lauren, 23. Faye’s mum also hid vegetables in her dinners, but they’d always be discovered.

She was diagnosed with a digestive disorder known as gastroesophagal reflux at 15, which gave her chronic indigestion and heartburn. Everything but potatoes left her in complete agony.

Despite eventually being cured of her condition with specialist medications and vitamins, Faye still has a phobia, and winces at the sight of fruit and veg. However, a psychologist has helped her introduce bread, pizza and noodles into her diet.

Surprisingly, Faye has never suffered any health problems as a result of her food choices, and has remained a super slim size 8.

‘I’d love to be able to go to a restaurant and eat normally, but it’s in my mind that I’ve got this phobia.’


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