Body shockers 60 videos

‘I was basically the victim of an experiment,’ says Elizabeth Starr, from Los Angeles.

One of the original superstars of the adult film industry, Elizabeth’s bust measures 47in around, and could kill her at any moment.

At the peak of her fame in 1999, she underwent a controversial form of surgery to boost her breast size from an F to an O cup, and enhance her professional life. with super-sized breasts.

‘I wanted to further my career and call the shots,’ admits Elizabeth.

String Implant surgery uses an implant made from pure polypropylene, which continues to grow once placed inside the patient’s breast by stimulating the fluids.

This kind of surgery was banned, but Elizabeth claims she was misled. Soon, various severe infections began to appear, and continue to do so today. Even though she’s had over 60 corrective surgeries, Elizabeth could still die at any time as the damage is so deep.

‘I’m a ticking time bomb,’ says a tearful Elizabeth.

Dr Alex Sinclair has been treating her for eight years, and says that he’s never seen a case like this.

Dr Sinclair has recommended a double mastectomy as the only option, but Elizabeth is worried about undergoing more risky surgery. In the meantime she hopes to share her story with the world so that no one else goes through her plight.

‘You have to know what you’re dealing with because it will change your life forever,’ she warns.


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