Over the blue skies of Romania, a group of sky-diving students were due to take their third training jump. This time the rookies would be free falling on their own for the very first time. The instructors were also on hand to supervise the jump… luckily, as sky-diving terror was in the air.

The students had already learned all of the skills they’d need to jump safely and successfully. They were also fully briefed on the ground before the plane took off.

The conditions for the jump were said to be ‘perfect’, the sky clear and bright. Once the plane reached a whopping 4,000m, the trainee divers were ready to take their leap of faith. It was all ‘plane sailing’ until one student lost his nerve at the worst moment.


Upon hitting the air he started spinning, and once panic set in he was spiralling out of control. Seemingly forgetting his lessons, the terrified diver was still twisting and turning upside down as his instructors tried to reach him.

One teacher finally did make it to his scared student, who managed to calm himself down enough to remember his training.

The student pulled his chute and landed safe and sound in the long, soft grass. Relieved, but still very shaken up!

But he didn’t let the frightening experience keep him grounded for long. He learnt from his mistakes, finished his training and succeeded in becoming a fully licensed sky diver, now with over 30 jumps under his belt!