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Alison Abruneiras is a shining example of a woman who turned her passion into her profession.

She left school with no qualifications, but soon became a nail technician, earning around £70 a week.

Then her life changed drastically when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 38. Distraught, Alison began to regularly use eBay as a means of bringing in some cash and some much-needed comfort.

‘I needed something to take me away from that hell, something to focus on,’ she explains.

She soon fell in love with her new eBay hobby, and despite having no previous business experience decided to set up a cosmetics business through the site.


Six years later, Alison is free of her cancer, and her Nail and Beauty Emporium is an incredible success. The business even grosses over £1 million a year!

The Emporium is doing so well that Alison needed a few extra hands to help run it, so she now employs four members of staff, including her 22-year-old daughter Coralia.

An emotional Alison declares, ‘Without Coralia none of this would’ve happened.’

Now a successful business woman, Alison is on the lookout for other commercial ventures, having recently opened up a Spanish restaurant with her husband Amador.

‘Everybody can do something, everybody has a hobby, something they like,’ encourages Alison, ‘mine was nails, and I turned it into a business.’