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Many women might be self-conscious about the size of their behinds, but Sarah Massey isn’t one of those women!

Sarah believes she has the world’s biggest bum, measuring it at an incredible 7ft.

Albert Little, her partner and father of her two children, certainly has no complaints about her posterior. ‘I was attracted to her from what I saw at first,’ he laughs, ‘a lot of woman!’

But there are a few challenges both in and out of the house. Sarah often struggles to get her car seatbelt all the way around her 7ft butt, and sometimes suffers from back pain, too.

The attention she draws can also be upsetting for her sons Christian, 14, and Aaron, 7. Christian says, ‘People laugh a lot, they say things like: “She puts the tires flat every time she gets in the car.’”

His mother, however, is unfazed. Sarah even goes to the public park to work out with her personal trainer. Even though she tries to keep fit, she struggles to maintain a healthy diet.

There’s also the question of clothes. Unfortunately for the shopaholic, it can be very difficult to find clothes in her size, and when she does they’re often very expensive.

Still, Sarah is happy. She now posts pictures of herself modelling glamorous underwear for her fans on the internet.

‘I’m sharing it with the rest of the world to let them know that I’m comfortable in my own skin.’


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