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Becky and Amy Glass haven’t been apart for more than 30 minutes in 15 years.

The 46-year-old twins share everything, whether its clothes, food, a social networking page or even a boyfriend!

‘We’re a one package deal’ grins Becky.

Two months after they were born, the Glass twins were adopted by a family in New Jersey, where they were raised. After college they decided that they just couldn’t bear to be separated.

Now they live together in Los Angeles, sharing a bedroom, a Facebook page, a car and a mobile phone. They like to wear the same outfits, with slight colour variations as a means of doubling their wardrobe.


Their obsession has even led them to carefully consume the exact same amount of food to make sure that their bodies always match. ‘We eat bite for bite, sip for sip,’ says Becky before adding that if one becomes full, then they both stop eating.

Their friend Mariene Newman is amazed at the sisters’ intense connection. ‘It’s kinda like a tennis match going back and forth, you’re trying to listen to one talk and the other finishes the sentence!’ she laughs.

Even though some people can’t imagine being around the same person all the time for years, the Glass sisters are perfectly happy, and consider themselves married to each other, soul mates.

‘We don’t have to answer to anybody, we have the same path in life,’ says Amy. ‘We’re like one person in two bodies.’


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