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19-month-old Bobbi from Essex has been building a buzz in the children’s beauty pageant scene. Dubbed ‘Baby Beyonce’, her ‘Single Ladies’ routine has been wowing the crowds enough to earn her six first place crowns as well as many a runner-up sash.

‘She loves performing, she loves to dance,’ says mum Stephanie, ‘ever since she could walk all she did was dance.’

Bobbi only learnt to walk five months ago, and dad Anton was initially sceptical about child beauty pageants. ‘I thought it was inappropriate because of the song first,’ he explains, ‘but when I saw her on stage everyone enjoyed it!’

Both parents say that diva Bobbi is a natural born performer, and never wants to leave the stage.

The dresses can cost anything between £100 to £1,000. Stephanie admits that she has spent a massive £44,000 in total on Bobbi and her older sisters’ beauty pageants, but insists that it’s worth every penny.

Often facing criticism for her actions, Stephanie believes: ‘For people who think Bobbi’s too young for pageants, it’s just like going to a dance class, it’s exactly the same.’ She’s even considering the use of spray tans and make-up once Bobbi’s older.

‘I just like to see a smile on my children’s faces,’ grins Stephanie.


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