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A youngster who used to be known as ‘The Eight-Limbed Boy’ now looks just like any other little boy, thanks to dramatic surgery.

Deepak Paswaan, 7, from Bihar, India, had a parasitic twin jutting from his stomach, leading to him being taunted as a ‘devil’ and ‘a freak’.

When Deepak was carrying around the under-developed legs and arms of what would have been his twin in a normal pregnancy, it made it look like he had four extra limbs.

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Surgery would have cost £50,000 – an impossible sum for his impoverished family. But in June 2010 top doctors at the Fortis Hospital, Bangalore agreed to operate on Deepak for free.

Deepak beamed: ‘I can run faster than my two elder brothers – before I could never keep up. I really like my new body. It’s much more fun. I am very happy.’

You just need to watch the happy ending in the video to see what a tremendous difference the surgery has made to young Deepak’s life and future prospects.