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‘I’m a go hard or go home kind of person,’ says corset enthusiast Penny Brown.

She certainly takes having an hourglass figure to a new level! Claiming that she’s always had a small waist with big hips, Penny has been working hard to make her body more dramatic.

Hoping to reduce her waist size down to half that of her hip measurement, Penny has taken to wearing corsets for as long as 23 hours a day. She sometimes even sleeps with it still on, likening the experience to having a safety blanket or being cuddled constantly.

However, extreme corseter Penny admits her persistent corset use has some drawbacks. It’s much harder to drive, relax and eat while wearing it. Corsets also pose the risk of damaging the muscles and internal organs.

There has also been a fair amount of criticism of her online videos, even death threats. But Penny remains unfazed by all of these factors.


‘People are going to be dramatic no matter what,’ she insists.

Living with her husband Cooper on the small Japanese island of Okinawa, Penny is often stopped by admirers for photographs. She also says that people are frequently telling her how beautiful and pretty she is.

Despite the attention his wife gets, Cooper isn’t jealous. He is fully supportive of her looks and decisions.

‘It’s different, and that’s exciting,’ he declares in the video.

Having already had breast surgery pushing her up to an O cup, Penny is currently planning to have more surgery on her bust, and eventually turn her attention to the modelling world.

In the meantime however, Penny wants more women to follow her example and be confident in their bodies.


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