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‘This is my big pink life!’ proclaims 46-year-old actress Kitten Kay Sera.

Known as ‘The Pink Lady of Hollywood’, Kitten has been obsessed with the colour for over 25 years, and will adorn herself with nothing else.

Allowing a camera crew into her palace of pink in Los Angeles, or ‘fabulous West Hollywood’ as she calls it, Kitten was very excited to show off her deep and uncompromising affection for her favourite colour.

The camera pans around the room to reveal pink walls, pink furniture and a seemingly infinite collection of bright pink outfits and accessories stored in a gigantic pink wardrobe with pink clothes hangers. Kitten proudly exhibits some of her outlandish costumes like her custom made Versace-style jacket.


She also has a pair of pink cowboy boots that she found in Texas. With a huge grin on her face Kitten explains that cowboy boots are actually very hard to come by in her beloved pink.

The rest of the house is packed full of all sorts of bright, fluffy possessions including sunglasses, a mini piano, and even a dog named Kisses! Everything pink, of course!

Kitten claims that if she walks into a shop and does not see any pink then she will walk straight back out.

‘I know what I like,’ she laughs.