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Born in a poor village near Raipur, central India, conjoined twins Shivanath and Shivram have found a way to live in perfect harmony with one another.

The 12-year-old brothers share four arms and two legs, but this certainly doesn’t stop them in their tracks! Working together, it seems that there is little they’re not capable of.

Shivanath and Shivram have taught themselves to wash, dress, eat and walk up stairs together. As the video shows, they’re also able to get up to quite a speed!

‘We have learnt by ourselves,’ the brothers say in proud unison.

They travel to school using a specially made tricycle which they of course operate together – one twin pedals while the other steers. Despite the adversity in the face of hardship they’ve displayed, the brothers will still meet many a challenge in their lives.

For example, their father Raj Kumar Sahu says, ‘During the rain it comes difficult for them to walk.’

Leading paediatrician Dr Krishan Chugh says that separating the boys is possible, but not without dramatic consequences. Shivanath is the more dependent of the two, and would require constant care should they be separated, as Shivram would retain the legs.

While Shivram would have the chance of a normal life, separation is not an option. Their dad believes that God made his sons this way, so it must be accepted.

Besides, the boys themselves admit that they don’t wish to be separated. The emotional bond between them is too great to part from each other. Though their approaching teenage years may prove to be challenging, Shivanath and Shivram will face it united.