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At 45 years old, conjoined sisters Ganga and Jamunda Mondal have finally found the love of their lives. Luckily it’s with the same man.

Jasimuddin Ahmad is a 36-year-old part-time salesman who met the sisters seven months ago in India. The trio have since formed a deep emotional bond. Ganga and Jamunda say that upon meeting Jasimuddin, they knew they’d found someone who would truly love them.

‘I try to give them as much joy as I possibly can,’ says loved-up Jasimuddin.

When Ganga and Jamunda aren’t on the road with their circus, the three of them enjoy sharing stories, watching films and listening to music together, often staying up until the early hours talking.

‘Before we realise it, it’s 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning!’ laughs Jasimuddin.

With four arms and three legs, the sisters are joined at the abdomen and pelvis. They share a stomach and liver but have two separate hearts. This means that they often need to work together to perform the simplest of tasks, like putting on their shoes.

While Ganga and Jamunda like to maintain their independence, their loving boyfriend is ready to provide support whenever they need it. ‘I may not be able to help them out much financially but I do what I can to help,’ says Jasimuddin.

The trio are confident that even though their relationship is new, their love will last forever. The sisters both admit that they wish to spend the rest of their lives with Jasimuddin.