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Linda Bannon and her 9-year-old son Timmy are just like anyone else. They enjoy sports, cooking and go to work and school every day.

But 35-year-old Linda was born with a rare condition known as Holt Oram Syndrome. The disease causes heart problems, affects bone growth and has left Linda and her son with no arms.

Despite her situation, Linda insists that having no arms hasn’t affected her life much at all as she’s never known anything else.

In 2003 Linda met Richard Bannon. The pair eventually wed the following year and were soon expecting a child. Doctors warned the Bannons that there was a strong chance that any child of theirs could be born with Holt Oram Syndrome, and were offered the chance to terminate.

‘It was never even a consideration,’ says Linda, ‘We wanted a family.’

Timmy was born without arms like his mum, but also with severe heart problems. He was rushed into surgery at only 8 days old and spent the first two months of his life in the intensive care unit.

Now, Timmy and Linda are living a happy life in Illinois. Linda is able to cook, apply her make-up and even sew using her feet, while Timmy is an adept gamer with his. Both of them are also very talented swimmers, regularly visiting the local pool.

Timmy also prospers at school. Head teacher Lenard Gramarossa says, ‘Timmy’s personality is such that he gets along well with all his classmates, they accept him for who he is.’’ Lenard adds that it’s like the kids don’t even notice Timmy’s condition.

Though he faces a tough future, Linda is confident that Timmy will live as happy a life as she has. She hopes that he’ll find someone to love him and take care of him just like she found in Richard.

‘We’ll just have to wait and see,’ Linda smiles.


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