A man in India is living with quite possibly the most bizarre eating disorder ever reported.

Pakkirappa Hunagundi, 30, simply cannot and will not stop eating debris such as bricks, stones and mud.

‘I will eat it every day because it is my habit, I need it every day, I can’t stop,’ proclaims the man addicted to eating bricks.

Even if his mother offers him a dish like fried chicken, Pakkirappa will refuse it in favour of some dirt or debris, attracting lots of attention from the other villagers.

Claiming that he eats roughly one brick a day, as well as up to 2 kilos of mud and gravel, Pakkirappa’s friends and family have become very concerned about his health, and can’t understand why or even how he does it.

One friend insists, ‘We have asked him to stop but he does not listen.’

‘We find it extremely strange,’ says another.

Pakkirappa works as a labourer, but isn’t paid particularly well. In order to strengthen his income, he now regularly ‘performs’ by consuming his bizarre delicacies in front of curious visitors to the village.

In the future, Pakkirappa hopes to turn his fame into fortune by performing his intriguing ‘habit’ across India.


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