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Amanda Gryce has been living with a rare condition known as Persistent Gentle Arousal Disorder since she was 6 years old. This means she experiences up to 50 involuntary orgasms a day.

After years of living at the mercy of her PGAD, having up to 50 orgasms a day, Amanda’s finally getting her life back on track. She’s found both love and medical treatment, a combination she believes will return her to normality.

Now 24, she met her boyfriend Stuart Triplett through a dating website, and the pair quickly fell in love. ‘When we met in person it was love at first sight,’ says Stuart.

‘It was difficult at first to come out about my disorder with him,’ admits Amanda, explaining that it was hard to find the right time.


By sharing her story with the world, Amanda came into contact with Dr Robert Echenberg. He’s recommended that she avoid sexual contact until ‘all of these things are under better control for a longer period of time’.

Abstaining from sex may be a strain on her new relationship, but Stuart fully supports the decision. He admits that though it might be difficult, ‘It’s important to her health.’

Amanda also regularly sees physical therapist Gina Parsonis, who is pleased with Amanda’s progress. ‘She’s responding well to the treatment,’ says Gina. Amanda has since felt some relief and a decrease in her pain levels.

Confident that she will defeat her condition after years of struggling, Amanda is looking forward to her future with Stuart.

‘I’m very lucky and honoured to have a boyfriend like Stu,’ she smiles.


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