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Nick Smith is 20 years old, but a rare condition known as primordial dwarfism prevents him from growing past 35in.

Nick lives in Jefferson, Georgia with his family, who work hard to give him the best life possible while they still can. His loving mum Shelly describes him as the child who never really grew up. He believes in Santa and the Easter Bunny, and LOVES Spider-Man.

But Shelly believes that their relationship is special because the dependant connection that a mother shares with her child never faded as it usually does.

‘I just want him to feel like everyone else,’ says his mum.

Most sufferers of Nick’s condition don’t live past their twenties, as they are constantly at risk of severe health issues like strokes, brain aneurysms and kidney problems.


But Nick refuses to let this keep him down. He enjoys playing golf, baseball and basketball with his brothers Levi and Travis, and is a huge character at his high school.

In his final year, Nick is adored by staff and students alike. His teacher Julie Shadburn says that he ‘does not see any difference between himself and anyone else’. Incredibly friendly, he stops by reception every morning to show off his muscles and give out hugs to the staff.

He also Skypes his friend and fellow primordial dwarf Hannah in Minnesota. Shelly admits that parents sharing information about the disease and their experiences is a huge help.

‘When somebody’s gone through the same situation as you it does give you a little bit of comfort knowing that you’re not the only one,’ she adds.


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