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The couple sold their family home and possessions, before taking their kids out of school to embark on the trip of a lifetime – jetting off in February of 2015. And they’ve visited plenty of places so far, including Bali, Palestine, Israel, Egypt and Italy.

One of the key reasons for their trip was to teach their children about the world first hand – something mum Caroline feels very strongly about.

‘We didn’t think that it was ethical for our children to be forced to go to school when they didn’t want to, and when they were forced to learn things they already knew or didn’t want to learn.’


‘Instead of reading about it in a book they see it for real, so it’s much more interesting! I remember when I was at school I thought it was really boring to learn about the Romans. I was falling asleep at the table! But now when you see it in real life it’s completely different. It’s so interesting and you just want to learn more.’


‘We would actually like to find some school that fits with our beliefs, but we just haven’t found it yet. And they don’t want to go to school now, and for us we think that we shouldn’t force them to. But if they want to go to school, as long as it’s voluntary, they can of course go there.’

Alongside their unusual views on schooling, Paul and Caroline also believe in attachment parenting, which for them means co-sleeping and breastfeeding.


‘I breastfed Winston, he’s 6 now, until he was 4, and Henry – I’m just feeding him if he really hurts himself or had something really traumatic. That’s how I calm him down.’

Their nomad lifestyle might not be for everyone – but the family has no plans to stop travelling anytime soon! And Caroline has no time for anyone who says they couldn’t take the plunge and live a life of travel…

‘All the time people say, ‘oh I also want to do that’, and I just get so annoyed. We just tell them back, ‘so do it then!’ but then they come up with all these different excuses that they have – whether it’s work, or family or they don’t have enough money or anything like that. But the truth is if you don’t just do it then you’re never going to do it.’