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Katie Hill and Arin Andrews were certainly a unique couple, and continue to be even though their romance has ended.

The former lovers are renowned as champions of the transgender community. Their battle to change the world’s views on gender and their shared experiences forged a unique bond between them.

But now, to the shock of their friends and family, the transgender teens have decided to call it a day.

Katie, 19, was born Luke Hill, and is fully transitioned having undergone a $40,000 full gender reassignment two years ago. Embracing her new life, she enjoys getting her hair and nails done with her friends.

‘I’m pretty much just like one of the girls,’ smiles Katie, who is pleased that people can never tell that she was born a boy.

Meanwhile, 17-year-old Arin was born Emerald, and still feels he has work to do if he is to complete his journey. His breast removal surgery has made him feel much more comfortable in his body and he’s also taking testosterone.

‘The break-up did make me realise I really might want to think about having the bottom surgery,’ explains Arin, whose mother Denise Richter worries that he might be making a rash decision to undergo risky surgery.

Katie agrees that female to male gender reassignment is much more expensive and complicated than hers. But Arin won’t be swayed. ‘It would be nice to be married one day, and have my own kids,’ he says.

Even though they are no longer romantically tied, the pair cannot imagine life without each other and remain the best of friends.

‘What’s really important is that we’ve been there for each other through the hard parts,’ says Katie, ‘and now we can focus on having fun and enjoy being who we really are.’


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